A downloadable game for Windows

Nowhere to run... Nowhere to hide...

16 students are trapped inside the illustrious Reservoir University and are told that they will stay there for the rest of their lives. The only way out? To kill another student and get away with it.

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Danganronpa: Dead End is a non-profit visual novel based on the Danganronpa series by Kazutaka Kodaka and is not affiliated with Spike Chunsoft.

Director, Artist, Writer: Djcat_Meow
Programmer, Animator: Alenoba
Editor, Writer: GamingFennex
3D Modelling, Texturing: GT-Floor texture from here
Composer: MichaelOST 

StatusIn development
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(76 total ratings)
GenrePuzzle, Role Playing, Visual Novel
TagsFangame, Mystery, Thriller


DRDE v0.1.1.1 (Demo) 778 MB


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I really want this to be released. although hangman's gambit is kinda hard.


I just deleted the game after the first nonstop debate, things were getting way too weird even for me...

I am from China,I think It is GOOD!I have a Danpanropa fansthing too!It's name is Ultra Danganropa

i am absolutely loving this !! i cannot WAIT for the full release ! ryu is a lil' brat and i love that about him, not just him but all of the characters !!

i look forward to all of the future interactions and trials ~ ^^

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i really liked it, even if it might be weird. i like the comedy, too. im looking forward for updates (new class trials maybe, not just bug fixes) unless you guys put this as a test and are still working on it til' the whole game is finished. hope DjcatProductions the best on this project, im looking forward to it even if it isnt popular/good. have a nice day/afternoon/night to whoever is reading this <3

Hey there! I really enjoyed this! You incorporated the look and feel of Danganronpa, even down to the students getting distracted during the trial! Great job! I can't wait to see future updates!

im one of the black screen people sadly ;(

When I boot the game up it show a black screen then I cry with despair


can some one tell me how to  work the game i really want to play this


when i open it it shows a black screen can anyone help?

Me too

Deleted 350 days ago
Deleted 350 days ago

HOLY SHIT, this looks fucking amazing, you guys nailed the art style

what did you use to make thi

I never played the original only watched so had some problems with the controls but this was REALLY GOOD! Almost indentical but had its own minigames and what not. 


Really cool game! Can i ask what software you used to make this game

This was really cute! I really liked the concept for improving the hangman's gambit.

Jane Holmes will be a Sherlock Holmes daughter?

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I downloaded the demo how can I play it? I am on Pc. and idk what to do with the file someone pls help me

Go your files on your PC and click on it, make sure to extract the files, when it's done, go to all the files and hopefully, the application should be there, make sure to keep an eye under the "Type" section in the files

How do u extract it

Nvm ik how to do it now

i would love to get a role, i can do voice-overs, singing, design and i can also help with the story line! if u need me for anything, my discord is cosmic.cely#2256 

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Is it possible to get a role? its ok if i can't

Discord: Shamalamamoumou #5024

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Oh well hello there. Nice game you're working on. Thought I'd be able to get a role in your production of the game. I thought I could sing some lyrics for some songs and/or could be the SYSTEM's narrator voice. If you're interested, make sure to contact me on discord! Here's my tag: rzecゴ#4617

Quick reminder: This is my first time doing this, so, if you're wondering why I'm not the best, here's ya answer!

Please contact me if you're interested!

Farewell, rzec-anime.

P.S : My voice is really, really high, so I might sound like a 10 year old, but I assure you that I am 14 years old and pretty OK at singing/voice acting.

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OMG THIS LOOKS SO AWESOME omgomgomg cannot wait for this to come out, also if you need any voice actors, I'm available even for like minor roles such as the first victim etc. and it looks awesome

I'm also available-

I can't wait to play this game! it looks so cool :D

How do I turn off Auto Mode?

Space bar for keyboard

omg i was here all excited just to realize its not compatible with linux 😭😭

Deleted 146 days ago
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shajkhf thank you

The quality and effort put into this game is wonderful! Awesome job.

Bullet select animation bug:
If you use mouse wheel and scroll fast enough, the bullet will go somewhere behind it's location.


Can you make it compatible for android arm7 devices?

COMPLETELY AMAZING GAME,  controls are simple, the characters are livid and interesting, the dynamics are great, I simply can't wait for the full release, good job!

Is there any way to transnlate it, I would like to translate it to portuguese Brazil


I just played the demo, I super excited for the full game! This really has potential. I've played DR1, DR2 and I'm in the middle of DR:UDG. I can't wait for this, and the new ways to do the class trial makes it even better.

The file is opening in 7 mins and I'm HELLA EXICTED!!!

I'm too broke to play the real games so here I am :'D

it's not letting me play

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All it shows for me is a black screen does anyone know how to fix  that?


How do you start the trial? I pushed every button but I'm still stuck between the main menu and the monophone

So i'm downloading this and it hadn't finished yet but I looked at some of the stuff and I love it- And monosock is so cute-

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